4 Things To Do Before Heading Out On Your Next Trip

There are so many things that you need to do before heading out on a trip and if you own your own business, you have a million-and-one tasks to add to the, already, long list that most people have to do. In our many years of frequent travel, I have become pretty accustomed to the things that need to be done and how long each task takes. Let me help you out by giving you a short list of a few things that I do before heading out. Here they are:

Run Last Minute Errands

If there is anything you need for your trip, or something you need to have done before you leave, make sure to give yourself enough time to get those little errands done before the big day. Running to the post office to mail out a package or getting travel supplies from Target are not things you want to worry about an hour before you have to leave! Get them done early to make sure you are not stressed and are ready to go.


This is an obvious thing that must be done before you leave for a trip; however, people often leave this for the last minute and end up rushing around and forgetting important things. It is especially critical to leave enough time for packing when you are running a business. Try packing at least 1-2 days in advance to ensure that you will catch anything you might have forgotten to initially pack, and don’t forget to pack the things important for running your business, such as laptops and chargers, planners, employee contact information, and a camera! Leave out anything you will need up until you the day you leave your home, and make a note to pack them before you head out.

Make Sure Your Business Is In Order

One important aspect that pertains to business owners is making sure that everything is in order. Can everything run properly without you being in town? Double check. Do you have any existing invoices to pay, or businesses to follow-up with before you head out of town? Once again, make sure you check to be sure. There are so many things to do as a business owner to make sure everything can run without you, but if you hire people that you trust and work with reputable businesses that truly care, you should not have to do too much.

For example, if you are a billboard owner, or have a need to work with billboard owners, one company that you might be working closely with is Irvin, Inc. The reason I am mentioning this to you is because they are a company that truly cares. This means that when you go out of town, you will not have to worry about touching base with Irvin, Inc. if everything is in order – they know what to do and you know that you can trust them. For all of you who do not know who they are, let me explain:

Irvin, Inc. has been a trusted leader in billboard supplies for more than two decades now. President of Irvin, Inc., Denise Irvin Cannon, is one of the main reasons as to behind why Irvin, Inc. has been so successful over the years. She says, “When we started in 1993, we offered just two items to the billboard industry. Grounded in integrity and commitment, we teamed with respected manufacturers over the years to bring industry-firsts to the table, including a 100% tie-off ladder in partnership with Werner, a light-weight fiberglass catwalk with Strongwell and most recently the best-selling billboard LED in the U.S. with Lighting Technologies. Today, our partnership expansions continue – with Lightking for digital displays and numerous quality lighting manufacturers for wallscapes and exterior-grade LED projects.

I am proud that Irvin remains a preferred vendor to some of the biggest names in Outdoor, including Lamar Advertising, Clear Channel Outdoor, Outfront Media, and YESCO. I’m equally proud to service the smallest of sign shops and electrical contractors, tackling their unique projects and opportunities. Their challenges and pulse on the industries have created some of our most rewarding partnerships., and I’m always eager to see what’s next.”

Irvin, Inc. is extremely proud to be the preferred supplier for LED lighting, solar lighting, digitals, billboard supplies, and more. They are an industry leader, they have revolutionary products, and they treat you like family. In addition, their reviews are amazing. Irvin, Inc. is just one of those companies that you can trust with your business no matter if you are in or out of town.

Find Care for Your Priorities

Leaving for a trip can be bittersweet when you are leaving behind things that you care about. This can include kids, pets, plants, your house, or anything else that will not or cannot travel with you. An important thing to add to your to-do list before leaving town is finding trustworthy care for these people or things that are so important to you! My favorite option is to find a family member or friend who can stay at my house to care for the things I love, or leaving my kids at their house; however,  when no one is available, do your research to find your best option. These days, there are tons of great services and apps to help you with things, such as, caring for houseplants and getting the mail, or even walking your dog (however, I would recommend using a vet or boarder if you will be gone for more than a day or two). The bottom line is to do your research to find someone great!

Do You Have a Pre-Travel Routine?

Tell us how you prepare for your trips in the comments below.

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