How to Book the Best Orlando Vacation for Your Family!

In 2006 I had one of the worst weeks at work possible.  I stormed out of the office, went home, packed my family’s bags, and took off to Orlando for some fun. Because the trip was completely on a whim, we arrived in town with full suitcases, sleepy kids, and no reservations.  We foolishly thought we could find a place to stay for the weekend by driving around (at 11 pm on a Friday night). What a mistake that was!  It took hours before we finally found something.  I have since learned to never, EVER, do that!  Now I find all of my Orlando Vacation Deals online before I pack the suitcases!

What I love about Orlando is I have never booked a resort online and been disappointed with my choice. I think this is what sets Orlando apart from other cities.  Usually I would proceed with caution, but finding great Disney Packages online allows me to view more of the property than I would ever see if I were winging it.  I look at pictures to determine what the pool will be like, if the bedding is luxury or basic, and what on-site amenities the resort might offer.  For example, I usually grocery shop for two meals a day and dine out for one.  When I look at resorts, I usually choose those that have restaurants and grocery options on the premises. Like at Westgate Town Center — they even have their own water park too!

ShipWreck Island Water Park

Imagine an Orlando vacation with your kids where staying

at your resort might be the highlight of their trip!

While you may not be running off to Orlando to relax from a difficult week at work, there is something to be said about a vacation that leaves you feeling rested and relaxed instead of exhausted and worn out!  The best way to have a relaxing Orlando vacation is to avoid cramming in too much. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Book your stay near the attractions you want to visit.
  2. Stay someplace that has a great pool for the kids.
  3. Balcony views are a wonderful for parents to relax after the kids are asleep.
  4. Choose a room that fits your family — everyone should get a good night’s sleep!
  5. Your room should have it’s own kitchen!  Dining out for all of your meals is not as fun as it sounds!

Book Your Vacation at Westgate Town Center Resort Orlando

Are you ready to book your next Orlando Vacation?  Visit to find the perfect resort for everyone in your family.

How to Book the Best Orlando Vacation for Your Family AND PETS!

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