Local Favorite: Marineland Beach, Florida


Our favorite beach is Marineland Beach, Florida.  Right on the edge of the St. Johns & Flagler County lines, Marineland Beach has everything a beach-goer can love during any season in Florida.


During the summer months we take refuge from the heat in the water, picnic under a pavilion, and shower off before sanding-up the car!   In the winter we enjoy jumping the rocks, searching for shells, and listening to the waves crash.

What about the other seasons? 

Does Florida have any other seasons?

We mostly enjoy this beach over the rest because it is always quiet, mostly locals, and less crowded.  The louder vacationers mainly stay further South towards Daytona Beach.  This leaves Marineland Beach available for those who want to relax and enjoy their family time.

Another great reason, you can’t drive on this beach.  I remember being completely stressed when I took my toddler to Daytona Beach for the first time.  I was so stressed, we didn’t stay and opted to go somewhere cars could not venture instead.  Kids, water, and cars don’t mixed.  I urge parents of young children NOT to take their kids to Daytona Beach- it isn’t safe for them.

Family Gatherings

We held two of our children’s birthday parties at Marineland Beach a few years ago.  We took it a step further and held it on a weekday to be sure our children and family would have free rein over the entire park and beach.  Everyone had a pleasant afternoon without the worry that comes along with crowded locations.

Best Florida Beaches

First Visit?

If it is your first visit, be sure to stop into Marineland Dolphin Adventure.  They offer inexpensive viewing opportunities of their Dolphins AND even opportunities to SWIM with the Dolphins!  My oldest daughter cannot wait to head back to swim with the Dolphins for her birthday next year!

Once Upon a Time…

Marineland was known as Marine Studios and was the location for several movies and firsts in Dolphin marine science. The first Dolphin born in captivity was born at Marineland AND the first dog to scuba dive did so here too! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, Marineland is the world’s oldest oceanarium? Learn more about their history in “Marineland” by Cheryl Messinger before your visit.


4 thoughts on “Local Favorite: Marineland Beach, Florida

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    Just the thought of a beach has me relaxing! I would absolutely love to swim with dolphins. I will keep this in mind IF I ever get my family out of the midwest.

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    We live near the beach, so I know how relaxing it can be 🙂

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    Hmm, I love beaches, they’re so good for relaxing and hanging with friends!


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