On Top of Green Mountain…


I lost my heart on top of Green Mountain!  Well, not on top, somewhere near the bottom looking up anyway.

We arrived at Green Mountain Resort, Lenoir, North Carolina, early in the spring season; shortly after our trip in the Florida Keys.  Boy were we unprepared for the weather!  We were accustomed to ninety-degree weather at the time and had no idea we would be arriving in the North Carolina mountains to temperatures in the THIRTIES!  For this group of Floridians… that was not spring, that was winter weather!

As usual, the night we arrived, it was raining.  We didn’t want to setup camp on the soggy, wet, ground so we opted to stay in a cabin for the night.  Their cabin was a twenty-year old, miniature single-wide trailer.  It was better than being outside in the rain.  Although, my family found that debatable.  I thought the view of the lake was beautiful and made me hopeful for the days ahead.

Smokey Mountain Cabin Rental

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The next morning we drove around and decided to setup camp at the bottom of the mountain – right in front of the action.  We were the first people in the loop this past season – it was so nice!  Our campsite was directly in front of the mini-golf course, camp store, laundry, and Grand Hall.  To top it off, we were camped near the waterfall and was able to enjoy the beautiful waterfall sounds at night.

North Carolina Waterfall

Remember those thirty-degree temperatures I was talking about?  Our first few nights in North Carolina were very cold.  Everyone slept with several layers of clothing, beanie hats, gloves, and even our jackets with the hoods pulled up!  I have never been so cold before.  The babies and I slept with all of those layers AND I tented a blanket over our heads to keep our face warm (allowing fresh air to come in every few minutes).  I honestly don’t think I slept for those first few nights at all.


The People:

I think the nicest people on Earth live here! Everyone was very friendly.    I don’t believe we encountered a single rude person during our entire visit!


All of the staff worked with a cheerful spirit, took pride in their work, and were very helpful.

The ground’s keepers were top-notch.  They would come and blow off the putt-putt course before someone wanted to play (even if they had already done it several times that day).  Quite simply, if someone had a need or request, they took care of it.

During the spring storms, we took refuge at a nearby hotel and left our tent behind not knowing what we would be coming back to.  When we returned, water was everywhere and the waterfalls were, at least, double in size! We soon learned that the grounds keeping crew took extra measures to be sure our site would not flood.  While we were a little soggy for a few days – we were able to stay on the ground!  We cannot thank them enough for the great job they do!

Lenoir, North Carolina

A sweet southern gentleman ran the camp store next to our camp.  He was very hospitable, always made sure we had plenty of firewood and our family was provided for.  We adored him – he was as sweet at they come!

When you visit Green Mountain, you are treated like family by everyone.  We felt as though we knew the visitors and staff for years!  I cannot stress it enough that we adored this area of our travels thanks to the people we met and interacted with.

Natural Beauty:

Green Mountain is the most beautiful park in the Southeast division of our Thousand Trails membership that we had visited.  The children spent hours fishing and feeding the fish, enjoying the playground, and hiking the trails.  My family had such a wonderful calming experience with nature there.  All of the photos in this article were taken at the park (not outside or nearby).  I cannot speak of the beauty of Green Mountain and give you enough detail.  Please take a look for yourself:






I feel sorry for anyone who has never camped at Green Mountain before!  It is a trip that your family will remember fondly for the rest of their days.  The people and the beauty of the park are the stuff of poetry!

I encourage you to go and lose your heart at Green Mountain too!



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