Florida RV Supershow!

Did you miss the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, Florida.  This event WAS super. It was so big that even after two days of fun, we still didn’t get to see everything!

Florida RV Supershow

RV Dreaming

We had a wonderful time touring the various RVs and meeting campground hosts from all over the Northeastern States.  While I was looking forward to the product vendor booths, my family decided we would go on an RV hunt instead. Let me just say, I will never look at the outside of an RV the same again! I will now have visions of some of the most beautiful small spaces I have ever seen every time I see a new(er) RV rolling down the highway.  I had no idea.

5th Wheel at the RV Supershow

Walking in, I wanted a bunkhouse travel trailer. When I left, I was in love with a 5th Wheel, toy hauler, with two porches and high ceilings!  There were so many slides on it my husband called it the Transformer!  My kids loved that there were beds “upstairs” off the main living area.  It was remarkable.  That is the way to fulltime – most definitely! I had no idea so much luxury could be packed into one that didn’t have a triple digit price-tag..  Unfortunately for me, the one we fell in love with cost more than our first house!  Maybe on day – today, I will stick to my plan of paying cash and buying within my budget…. anyone know where I can find a few good bicycles? Haha!

Just for Kids

When was the last time you took your children to an event and the kids activities were FREE?  I have never been to an event where the ROCK WALL was free!  Have you? Well, the dealers that attend the show made sure that the children’s activities would make the kids, parents, and grandparents happy!  My bunch was well entertained and had just as much fun as any retiree on the grounds!

One of our bigger girls was able to get her face painted by the most talented face painter I have ever seen!  She was amazing to watch.  Her creations were whimsical and any little girl’s dream.  My daughter’s face was a canvas to a wonderful artist who made her look like a beautiful butterfly.

Face Painting How-To

Don’t Miss The Fun Next Year!

If I had this years show to do all over again, I would go from Wednesday until Friday instead of Friday and Saturday.  The crowd on Saturday was ridiculous!  Too many people to enjoy it.  Additionally, many of those people, weren’t too fond of all the little ones running around.  We didn’t experience that on Friday.  Friday was a wonderful afternoon, we were able to take our time and stroll through the Dealer’s area without fifty other people trying to crowd into one RV.  If you plan on heading to a Supershow – avoid weekends!

The salesman at Lazydays were very helpful and answered all of our questions. We loved them.  My daughter lost her MP3 player inside one of the travel trailers, and at closing time all of their salesmen helped her look for it. Wonderful people!  If were were going to buy new – we would be buying from Lazydays!  They were fantastic and their selection was mind boggling! Truly – I can’t believe one dealership can have such a vast selection.

It is so easy to get drawn into the beautiful new RVs – it is like dancing with the devil.  They tempt you with their beautiful exteriors and the way they move, but you have to stick to your guns!  Lord help me! ~ Victoria

Are you shopping for an RV? 

What have you fallen in love with?


5 thoughts on “Florida RV Supershow!

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    We are talking about getting an RV/trailer in the next few years. It would be so amazing to attend an event like this in our area. It would at least help us to know better what options we have and know what we are looking for.

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      You know, we thought we had a great idea of what we wanted and what recreational vehicles had to offer, however that RV Supershow blew my mind! We have been RV shopping for months and I saw stuff there that I had never seen in all of our researching and exploring. The Florida RV Supershow in Tampa was an eye opening experience. Anyone who is interested in traveling by recreational vehicle should attend a supershow like this at least once.

      Thank you for stopping by,


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    We would love to have a small RV some day. Nothing big but enough for the two of us to travel a bit stateside and enjoy what our country has to offer.

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      That face painter was AMAZING! I pinned the face painting picture to my Halloween Pinterest Board! Ha, let’s see me try to recreate that for Halloween this year! Thank you for stopping in Shanna ~ Victoria


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