Fall Hollow: Swimming in the waterfall?

At this point in our trip our kids are away from us so much that we are beginning to wonder what we were thinking – an entire summer of family bonding?  Ha!

Finally, we decided to simply kidnap our own kids and take a family day hike up to a nearby waterfall for a swim.

First, let me say that hiking up steep trails with a toddler is enough to give this mama a heart attack!  I am not a big fan of those ‘kid leashes’ but if I continue to do much more hiking like this – I may invest in one!

After I got over my fear of my three year-old falling down the hills onto the rocks, I was good…

We arrived at the first waterfall and I thought “Boy, this doesn’t look anything like the picture!  Pretty, yes, but I’m a little confused… we’re supposed to swim in that?”

So, we all stopped and took pictures of the trickling water falling from the rocks we just crossed over.  After a few “Ohhs, and Ahhh’s” we were ready to head back.

Natchez Trace Tenn

My kids found another trail and thought it wasn’t as steep as the first – so I opted to take this one in hopes that the little guy would come of the woods safely. After I rounded the  first corner I saw… the real waterfall we were there to see!  While it certainly wasn’t the biggest we had seen in our journeys, it was still beautiful… sort of!

Rant begins here!

Natchez Trace Tenn

Dear Parents,

Please teach your children to respect their Earth and all of it’s beauty.  To NEVER spray paint it’s wonders and NEVER harm it intentionally!

Sincerely yours,



So, here we are, we are thrilled to make it to this beautiful place and instead we arrive to see hot pink everywhere!

Trying to overlook the obvious, we started commenting on how beautiful the water is, the rocks, and the cool tree roots coming out of the water… [at this point my oldest daughter is standing on the roots of the tree]

A few moments later when our admiration begins to fade… my husband notices five baby snakes coiled up on the same tree my daughter was standing on moments earlier….

I’m done!  I take a few pictures of the snakes (so I can have someone tell me what they are- report was copper heads… eeekk) and I am out of there!  We were back to our car in a matter of minutes compared to the half-hour it took going in!  Ha! I’m moving somewhere without scary snakes!  Anyone know where that might be?

This adventure took place on mile 391 of the Natchez Trace in Tennessee

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