Buying the Best Vehicle for Your New Travel Life!

Congratulations on your decision to stop living the norm and go on a new adventure with your family!  The preparation period is an exciting time because you have so many great expectations for your travels.  You envision all of the kids looking out the windows of your SUV, eating picnic lunches upon grassy lawns, and enjoying all that our beautiful country has to offer.  But let’s be honest. Totally honest.  Driving from destination to destination can be a nightmare!  It might even be your least favorite part of your new travel-life.  That is, if you don’t do it right…

When you give up your old life to travel, that also means you need to give up your current vehicle.  You need space.  Much more space!  You might even need something with a large towing capacity if you don’t plan to hotel-hop or enjoy extended vacation rentals.

Buying the best vehicle for your new travel life is important! 

Let us guide you in the right direction!

Before you buy anything, decide how you would like to travel with your family.  Will you travel in an motorhome and tow your family vehicle?  Will you buy a large SUV/truck and tow a travel trailer?  Is a large fifth wheel and a tow vehicle in your future? Is hotel hopping more for your family’s taste?  Tell your auto dealer what you are planning so they can be sure your new vehicle is going to be able to do the job safely.

Mileage and fuel tanks.  You wouldn’t think this is important, but if you are traveling in remote areas of the country, this is very important!  Make sure your vehicle has great gas mileage, or has a large tank to get you through until the next town! Check out the best and worst gas mileage 2018 before you shop! (Going West? Fill up every chance you get!)

The more space, the better!  I know I already told you this, but when you are traveling for an extended time, you have the stuff you think you need, the stuff you really needed, and the things you couldn’t leave behind at your last destination.   The first time we were full-timing, we bought a an SUV that had a lot of interior passenger room, but no cargo AT ALL!  To compensate, we purchased a utility trailer to store all of our necessities.  We thought we bought a utility trailer that was bigger than we needed. Nope!  Before the end of our adventure, we had purchase a roof rack, cargo boxes, and a whole lot of straps to hold everything down.  My best advice, don’t just purchase a vehicle that has all of the comfort you will want, but make sure your adventure mobile is going to do the job of holding some of your belongings too.

Compare, compare, compare!  Hey, if you’re looking to travel anyway, don’t limit yourself to shopping just at home!  Check out to see vehicle in your area, and across the country before you buy!

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