5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Hotel Stay

disclaimer-drive-me-crazy During a cross country trip we decided to forgo our camping gear and hotel hop instead.  This two month experience taught us a LOT about hotels. The number one thing we learned was that paying a little more does not grantee a pleasant stay or cleaner accommodations. We have encountered rooms so dirty our dogs wouldn’t sit on the floor.  Rooms that smelled so terrible we couldn’t breathe. Mold.  Tubs that floated! (Seriously, the tub would float after adding water because water would run UNDER it instead of in it!  And our all-time favorite: a room with signs on the interior and exterior door that left us concerned for our safety — the sign warned us to lock our doors and don’t answer it for anyone we didn’t request to be at our room!  Hey, and these are just the bad hotel experiences for the hotels we actually stayed at! Wait until I tell you about that one in Salt Lake City that I couldn’t get out of the lobby fast enough!  Here’s our top five things you need to know about hotels before you book your stay:

 5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Hotel Stay

1.  When traveling overnight, don’t stay/sleep in a hotel unless you plan to stay for eight hours. Anything less than that is just a waste of money!  Spend your travel money wisely. Don’t waste it on a 3-4 hour break.

2.   When using online booking sites, proceed with caution.  Everything about them can be misleading from the reviews to even the photos! AND the hotel may upcharge you for additional guests and services that would otherwise be included had you booked your stay direct.

Bad Hotel Experience Stories (Honestly, at this hotel, the dirty shower head was the least of our worries…)

3.  During road-trips, never pay for your hotel room without inspecting it first.  See why you should also leave your luggage in your car HERE.

4. Pet Friendly Hotel does not always mean “people friendly”.  Anytime you are traveling with your pets please inspect the room before entering.  Make sure all evidence of the previous guest (and their pet) is gone. Look under the beds, inspect the bedding, and check the corners.

Horrible Hotels Florida (No, I don’t think this is supposed to happen when you sit on the bed…humm)

5. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is — but sometimes it isn’t!  Sometimes picking the hotel with a slightly higher price doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be better. Whenever possible, look (in person) before you book! Pay attention to the surrounding businesses, signs on the property, and cleanliness of the building.  If you see many, MANY, signs outside warning that “Items left in your vehicle are not the responsibility of the hotel” — that may tell you all you need to know!


(Notice: The hotel exterior shown in the main photo (above/top of page) is NOT the same hotel as the “bad hotel” photos shown in this post)

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